The luxury branded market is now quite expanding

The luxury market is proving to be the ever expanding as well as the growing one. one can get with the luxury fashion brands which can be the top once in terms of the game that can also be the one study decided by the experts in forecasting the annual growth rate for the luxury goods the North American company estimated the luxury market to be valued about 2 to 90 Billion Dollars to years later. It can also seen that it came up in the form of the best luxurious brands in 2018 with the luxury market being dominated by Louis Vuitton. It has been seen that it has been also the most valuable luxury Brandy in the Global scale.

Support system that can be noticed with it

It has also some other emerging names which can work with the potential market leaders the important ones are like Gucci as well as Prada. they are also experiencing the most significant growth which can be making them the most favourable one with the marketing. there is yet another one in terms of quotes which can be also the luxury leather goods company from the USA it is also founded in Manhattan which can make it is the best one in terms of the top 10 most valuable brand in the world it has about 600 stores which can come with the brand value of 32 million dollars it also sells the region of about $500 which can make the company continue to touch with the luxury market along with the higher priced items. it is also working in terms of the Italian luxury fashion house which can be founded in the form of the 170l store sector working worldwide it has always headquarters in Rome the luxury goods are also the brand advance around the world which has a brand value of 846 billion dollars it can also be the highest salary of the handbags that can sell approximately about 2000 dollars to 5000 Dollars.markable progress could be also found with Burberry group which could make its luxury fashion house from Britain. it was also the best one in terms of being founded by Thomas Burberry. It was stated of in the form of the headquarters in London. It operates with three brands inclusive of the Burberry prorsum the brand could also Prove the best one in terms of the Burberry London as well as Burberry Brit it came under the top 10 most valuable list of the luxury brands in the world. The total brand value is about 32 billion dollars the luxury goods of the company can also be written with about 500 stores in about 50 countries around the world. The famous quote is made up of the peacock feathers and can also sell approximately about $35,000.

Do’s and don’ts of corporate gifting

It can be a cha; challenging work to find an ideal gift for your co-worker, employee or even your client. You have to find agood one which shows your good intention but at the same time, you wouldn’t want to spend too much on it. It is important to strike the perfect balance when giving a corporate-gift. There are various choices and considerations which you have to make when choosing a corporate gift. You can find a few gifting stores which are good at corporate gifts Singapore. However, we can help you with the do’s a don’ts of corporate gifting.


Personalizing your gift is a must thing to do. It adds a personal touch to the gift that you are sending. You could either provide a handwritten greeting which will show that you have put in extra time and effort into selecting and preparing the gift. Doing so will make them please and they will have something to refer back to if they want. Also, consider their choices. Choose products which they are going to love. You can look for something fun and interesting. Whatever youchoose, make sure that they are going to enjoy it personally.

You should also decide on your budget. There are clients who aren’t very comfortable accepting an expensive gift. For such customers, you should present a small gift which is thoughtful. Mapping out your budget well before will help you in your research work for finding the appropriate budget. After you have set your budget, you should consider thetiming of presenting the gift. You can gift during holidays or even during office hours or after your employee had finished a project.


Avoid gifting any promotional items or products. It is very important when gifting your clients. There can be few mentions of your company, but don’t make it feel like a sort of promotion or branding of your company. This might make your client feel inappropriate or rude. Also, take into consideration the cultural or religious norms. There are certain things which are not considered very lucky and so don’t gift someone an item which might make them feel offended. You need to do your research work pretty nicely before gifting someone so that they are not offended.

Another thing which you must not do is overlook the presentation. Just gifting something useful isn’t going to help if you are not presenting it in a good manner. IF your presentation is not good, it will make your hard work of choosing the best gift fade away. Moreover, the way a gift is presented shows that you are truly concerned about that person and that they are truly valuable to you. The presentation also has a huge impact on the overall gift. So, when presenting a gift, make sure that you pay equal attention to it along with the gift. It is a good idea to pack the inside as well the outside of the gift contents.


Following these do’s and don’ts will certainly make your client or employee feel special. Moreover, you will be able to create a good impression of yourself and your company.